Programs aim for growth in three distinct business development areas

February 18, 2019 – Reuters

SBAV Group has announced today the beginning of the recruitment drive for its 2019 training programs, aimed at developing new talent and specialists under the company’s supervision and assistance.

As part of the company’s strategy targeting self-sustainability, the programs offer participants the opportunity to begin their careers in the financial services sector in a professional setting with guidance from seasoned experts and a comprehensive curriculum.  Applicants will be able to select their specialization from three distinct fields that represent areas of business that SBAV Group seeks to solidify and develop further expertise as the company continues to grow.

“We look forward to welcoming interested participants and are proud to provide these programs that reflect our commitment to fostering a new generation of homegrown financial services specialists,” said Harvey Grader, Research Director at SBAV Group. “Over the past years our Human Research Development Department has been instrumental in supporting new members, thus adding to the value potential of our enterprise”.

With a limit of 20 applicants per program, SBAV Group targets growth in three internal directions that the Board of Directors have set as strategic development points for the future. Fundamentally, applicants will have the opportunity to choose between, Investment Advisory & Asset Management, Corporate Administration & Accountability and IT, Software & Automation. After the application period participants will be screened and interviewed, with the programs effective starting date set for May 20, 2019 and hosted at the company’s external Human Research Development Department located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku 311 Building.

“In an industry such as ours positive results are achieved through dedication and long-term planning, and these programs are a direct expression of our approach to the sustainable growth that will enable our performance in the years to come” commented Jarred Ingham, Chief Operating Officer at SBAV Group.

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