Company aims to build upon current artificial intelligence capabilities.

November 15, 2018 – Reuters

Based on the positive performances achieved over the last months, SBAV Group has announced the introduction of a new fund designed according to stock selection methodologies utilized by its proprietary AI trading system. The fund, while managed by its own team lead by Mr. Hideki Kirishima, will likewise be supervised by Mr. Harvey Grader, Research Director.  

“This represents a step forward towards implementing AI-generated recommendations within our range of investment solutions,” said Osamu Ishihara, Chief Investment Officer at SBAV Group. “Considering the system’s ability to make a positive impact for specific investor portfolios, as reflected by its performance over the last months, we believe this is an opportune time to build upon our current artificial intelligence capabilities and make it more easily accessible to our clients.”

The AI Global Equity Fund relies on SBAV Group’s proprietary AI trading system’s stock selection methodology, employing an unconstrained long-term strategy with an absolute return outlook. The portfolio dwells on the system’s selection of stocks which is highly condensed, comprising a maximum of 20 names. It has a high active share close to 75% with an error forecast in the range of 4 to 6%. The Fund’s main focuses are companies based in Europe and the USA that demonstrate a combined growth potential. Corporate leadership and sustainability are also important factors included in the Fund’s evaluation.

The AI Global Equity Fund likewise integrates a human screening process that identifies stocks with attractive financial development potential and mitigated-risk margins. Fundamentally, this will secure a base of profitable stock candidates that can replace underperforming stocks already included in the portfolio; however this is only a safeguard measure. The Fund has ultimately been created with a long-term investment approach, deriving in periods of low turnover and designed to perform even in volatile market conditions.

“Given the relative current ease of the markets and factoring in for potential market volatility going into 2019, we believe that The AI Global Equity Fund has definite potential to provide growth to our clients’ portfolios and provide a solid base for the beginning of the year.” Concluded Mr. Ishihara.        

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